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I Had To Walk Away

I will admit, from a financial standpoint, the position benefitted my family greatly. From a status standpoint, I had it made. But I wasn’t happy with the Asshole I saw in the mirror every day. Who was that guy? How did I get here, again? Where had all the humility I had learned gone? How could I allow someone else’s energy affect how I interacted with others, and make their desires the sole focus, so much that I neglected my own and that of my family? How did I become emotionless and lose my sense of self? I had gone through too much and learned too many lessons to not be happy with the guy I saw in the mirror. ⁠

There was only one decision to make. ⁠

I had to walk away. ⁠

The decision to leave Hollywood wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I did a poor job of creating real relationships within the entertainment industry so it’s not like folks were sad to see me go. Actually, it was a weight off my shoulders. I wanted out.⁠

By this time my wife had amassed a great deal of success and was traveling to the opposite coast weekly for events and speaking engagements. So we decided as a family to move to Atlanta and start over from there.⁠

Real Estate was always something that came easy to me. If you remember, buying and selling property, understanding the numbers and identifying beneficial partnerships that could support my endeavors, was something that I had previously succeeded (and failed) at. I learned some very large lessons as a result. I decided to launch back into real estate with the purchase of two commercial properties totaling 50+ units in my first transaction. Life seemed to be going good and starting fresh was panning out exactly as I prayed it would. ⁠

I was happy. ⁠

Then I got a call from Steve’s attorney alerting me to allegations that would knock me off my feet.⁠


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