A Virtual Coaching Session Designed to Help Your Business/Brand Explode


You may have a spark, but Gerald has been known to trigger a fire in the lives of anyone who seeks his wise counsel. This opportunity for coaching will give you the jump-start you’ve been waiting for to get you on the path to building your own empire.


with me

What We Do

Get your burning questions answered one on one with the Empire Builder


Break free of the employee mindset and find where you’ve been missing money


Define your next best steps to elevate your business or brand

What To Expect


(1) 75 minute conference call


Zoom recording delivered within 24 hours


Complimentary download of

The Top 3 Empire Beliefs

In addition to virtual coaching, Gerald selectively works with entrepreneurs who know they are leaving money on the table and are serious about finding the holes, plugging them with solid solutions and creating opportunities to finally step into overflow.


These spaces are extremely limited and only available twice per month.


You Come to Me and We Work on You VIP Day

You’ve set the foundation, but you’re ready to increase income and amplify your position in the marketplace. Gerald will spend the day focused on helping you identify missed opportunities, eliminate money leaks and escalate your awareness around the fastest way to the cash.

What To Expect

(1) 6 hour session in Los Angeles or Atlanta



Assistant in room to scribe and take notes for you


Complimentary lunch and light snacks provided


Audio recording, notes and timeline of next steps delivered digitally within 3 business days


Purpose-Driven V.I.P. Day

How many qualified coaches are willing to come to you? Gerald and his team are passionate about seeing you create the purpose-driven empire you desire. They’ll fly to you and commit to giving you the intentional, purposeful and undivided attention you need to elevate your efforts. Let them take you through a deep dive of their proprietary 4M Method and revolutionize your brand or business.



The Conceptualization

You’re too busy working within your business to see the opportunity in your business. Revenue is slipping right by you and you have no clue how you will make the shift from surviving to thriving. Let me show you how.


The Marketing

You have an amazing idea but you’re the only one that knows about it. You have spent long hours and a lot of money on all the wrong avenues of exposure. Let me help you reach your target audience and not only get their attention but get them to move to action.


The Strategy

You're tired of being seen as just an Entrepreneur and are ready to be known as a titan and a leader within your industry. Together we will define, and develop the perfect vision and plan for your empire's success.

What To Expect

(1) 8 hour session in your city* or place of business


America’s Money Maven, Patrice Washington, also on hand to contribute to your business transformation and monetization


Assistant in room to scribe and take notes for you


Complimentary lunch and light snacks provided

*Travel provided by you unless our team is otherwise in your area

Finally discover what it really takes to suceed in business.





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