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The Allegations

The allegations.⁠

The Attorney told me Steve was being sued for harassment and unlawful termination. The plaintiff alleged that I, the President of the company, was having an extramarital affair with another employee who had taken a liking to her. She said the employee and I invited her to engage with us romantically on a work trip. She declined. Two weeks later she was fired in retaliation.⁠

I. Was. Floored. ⁠

Not only was it untrue, it was absolutely ridiculous. The idea that after having nothing, I would jeopardize the life I had worked so hard for by propositioning an elderly 65yr old woman, who had been a mother figure to my family, and then firing her in retaliation…⁠

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had so many questions, but I was quickly assured I could relax, that although my name had been mentioned in this suit I was not being sued, and the situation was being “taken care of.”⁠

Looking back, it’s crazy how naive I was. But at the time, I thought “We’re taking care of it” meant they would make sure these lies, by someone who was only using me as a way to get to my former boss’ pockets, didn’t actually cause me any harm.⁠

I breathed a sigh of relief.⁠

“Nothing to worry about,” I thought to myself.⁠

“Anyone who knows her and knows me would KNOW this is crazy…” ⁠

“They’re going to take care of it.” ⁠

I really believed it. ⁠

Clearly, Hollywood hadn’t taught me anything.⁠


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