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God Don't Like Ugly

The year was 2007. ⁠ ⁠

I was 27 years old, living what I would consider an amazing life! I owned a beautiful home in Pasadena, CA and had two luxury cars in the driveway. I ran a thriving Real Estate and Mortgage brokerage with my girlfriend, Patrice.

I had amassed a portfolio of several investment properties that spanned from California to Texas and New Orleans to North Carolina. Not only that but I ran an events promotion company that brought the hottest club acts and concerts to LA. I lived my life on the edge, took major risks and prided myself on being untouchable by the competition. You couldn’t tell me nothing. In my mind, I had made it. I was the man. I had multiple sources of income and the money would never stop. But life has a way of humbling you.

You know the saying ‘God don’t like ugly’? Well, let’s just say my arrogance, coupled with the way I was living, wasn’t cute, and before I knew it, my life would start falling apart all around me.


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